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Aisling Labradors ​of N. E. Florida

Traditional Dual Purpose Labrador Puppies For Sale

AKC Registered / Champion Lines

Aisling ~ dream, Old Irish aislinge

Located in North Florida near St. Augustine's beautiful beaches and the city of Jacksonville.

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Breeding Philosophy at Aisling

Aisling's Labrador puppies for sale are bred for their health, temperament, the traditional retrieving and water drive Labradors are known for as well as the more moderate build of Labradors of the past.  Parents are genetically health tested, screened for joint health and inbreeding co-efficiency is calculated in our program.  The child of Breeders myself, I have lived with and loved Labradors since 1967. 

Aisling Labradors Whelping Room

Aisling Labradors Whelping Room

Most of our litters are born in this room; occasionally, a Dam will chose my office instead.


As a small breeder, our AKC Registered and Health Tested Labrador Retrievers are first and foremost members of our family. Our black, yellow and chocolate puppies are whelped in our home where they are socialized and prepared to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age with a limited AKC registration.  At 5 weeks of age, they begin to spend time outside in a paddock with kennel grass and flooring where they get their first introduction to baths, hoses, and swimming.  And at 7 weeks of age, they are introduced to our salt water swimming pool. 

Aisling's Puppy Paddock

The Aisling Puppy Paddock

Where the puppies play and socialize with our grandchildren and the Aisling Labradors Pack. It is now attached to the house with a ramp and has a grooming area.

Read More About Our Socialization Process

Labrador Puppies Availability

Aisling's offers Labrador puppies for sale through an approval and reservation process months before a planned breeding takes place; we take three reservations for each gender per litter. Waiting lists names are assigned to a particular litter. The waiting lists are opened after all reservations have been sold for that litter and are closed when there are five names per gender for that litter.

See availability below; the season or months listed are the expected/anticipated arrival of the litters births; puppies will be going to their homes eight weeks after that, so if a litter is expected in June puppies would go home in August.  Actual dates all depend upon when a girl comes into her season, when she ovulates which determines when the puppies are actually born and on-the-ground (birthday). Thank you for your understanding that all Breeders are at the mercy of their girls so predictions are estimates; once a pregnancy is confirmed and then again, once the litter is on-the-ground, we can begin to firm up dates for our families to make their plans accordingly.  

With the Covid endemic a factor, availability of on-the-ground puppies and reservations for future litters are very fluid. We try our best to accommodate the needs of our prospective puppy families as we want the timing of a puppy going into a new home to be the perfect time. Please bear with us as we navigate this constantly changing situation from the rapidly changing availability of puppies and reservations to the need to change our Covid Policies to suit the situation as it stands at any given moment of time. Thank you.

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Itty Bitty Angel



 All Reservations are sold - Waiting List Available

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Aisling Labradors

Aisling Labradors of N.E. Florida

Dual Colored Litter

Black and Chocolate Litter Anticipated Fall 2023





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Aisling's All Yellow Litter

A Dreama X Roamin' Litter

Yellow Puppies

Our Bree has been retired with the birth of her litter on February 1st 2023

If there is enough interest, we may plan to breed Jette to tri-factored Stud to produce Yellows.

Aila will be bred in 2024.

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 We reserve the right to use a different stud OR decide to skip a breeding in any future, planned breeding.  There may be times when a stud is not available due to health or other issues; this may result in a change of color for the litter and  the health and well-being of each of our Labradors comes first in all things.  Thank you for your understanding.

Aisling's Videos

Watch some of our most popular Videos from our Facebook Page.  

 "Watch Them Grow" for our litters - these are posted weekly

 "Round Aisling" - these are of daily life 'round Aisling

Aisling Videos

Learn more about us!

Aisling Labrador Puppies

Hank - A Bree x Roamin puppy

Our Approval Process an​d Policies

Health Warranty, Insurance, Microchips and more

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Aisling's Raising A Little Cain

Raising A Little Cain At Aisling

More About Us!

We began the process in 2006 and had our first litter in 2017.

Our  Story

Aisling Labradors

DunRoamin' at Aisling

Our Dogs 

Meet all of the Labradors with whom share our life.

Dams and Sires