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Aisling Labradors  

Quality Traditional Dual Purpose Labrador Retrievers

Champion Lines

From time to time, I'll post photos and video's here of life around Aisling. Our dogs are part of our family, living in our home and doing all the things that dogs do with their people. You'll also find videos showing how we raise and socialize our Litters. For all the most up to date Notes, videos and photos, you can visit our Facebook Page. 

Christmas 2019

Aisling's Latte (at Nikki's) and Mocha - the Caffein Sisters!

More Organized Chaos at Aisling "Mocha" at nearly five months

Last year's "Littles" Bree & Roamin' now 18 and 20 months at the time this photo was shot.

My Favorite Photograph this year - our lovely Kona of the Storm

Kona and Little Cain

Roamin' with Bree and Dreama!

Life 'round Aisling

DunRoamin' at the Beach on his 11 month birthday! 

April 2019

'Round Aisling Summer 2018

Summer Evening At Aisling Labradors

(With Roamin', Cain, Kona, Dreama and Callie)

Background Music by Seven Nations

June 2018 All Black Litter with our new boy Roamin'

(also with Cain and Callie)

Background Music by Seven Nations

Kona x Raising Cain 2018 Litter

Kona x Raising Cain 2018 Litter - Whelped February 18th

Aisling's Gunner and Terremere's Booker playing on a frosty March morning. The half-brothers are 8 months and 12 months in this video.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 - Trying to get that Christmas Card photo....instead we got a video that shows just how much effort it takes....!

Dreama X Raising Cain 2017 Litter - Our last two days before the litter goes to their new homes.

Kona x Raising Cain 2017 Litter at Five weeks old.