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Aisling Labradors Videos

From "Good Mornings" in the Gazebo to afternoons in the yard or paddock, we make lots of videos 'round Aisling!  Although Instagram and Facebook are updated more frequently than our website , a few of our most popular videos are shared here!

'Round Aisling - Part of our Facebook Series on life with our Labradors.  This was Dreama's last litter (with Roamin') before her retirement and has been our most popular video on Facebook.  Background Music is from Seven Nations

Our second most popular video through the years; this was our very first litter here at Aisling, a Kona x Shadybry's Raising Cain at Terremere Litter.  

Aisling Labradors Litters -  Part of our "Watch Them Grow" Series on Facebook. We post photos almost daily and try for a video at least every two weeks for each of our litter.  This allows our Aisling Families to see their progress from birth to going home day! More Organized Chaos at Aisling and Raising A Little Cain

Aisling Labradors Litters - One of our first litters here at Aisling, this video shows the litter during their Health Certification where they receive their first round of vaccinations, and their microchips.  Many folks ask us if the girls enjoy being Mothers, I think this video answers that question! Dreama X Raising Cain 

'Round Aisling - Between litters, we take every opportunity to take each Labrador out for some one on one attention.  Whether it's to our favorite Pub for some music and fellowship; to Lowes or Home Depot to buy for the unending list of things we need for this old farmhouse, or to the beach.  This was Roamin's first time at the beach; he loved it as should a Labrador!